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Seo San Antonio Inc. Launches New Website at 12pm cst Today October 27, 2011

Seo San Antonio Inc. Is Launching It's Comprehensive Local Internet Marketing Website At Noon Today October 27, 2011 – www.SeoSanAntonioInc.com

Hello my friends.  I know it has been a while since I have made any announcements, but there is a good reason:)

I'm sure some of you have had visions planted in your head about how your life is going to unfold.  But as the vision unfolds, you find yourself going in a direction you had not really predicted.  This can be a GREAT THING and that is what has happened to me from a business perspective.

As some of you know, I have "dabbled" in the local internet marketing industry and have some of my current clients right here at www.Bert McClure.com .  Things have really taken off and I had to make a decision to either make this a mediocre income producing business that I work when I feel like OR am I going to take things to a higher level and build a multi-million dollar company that helps small businesses thrive and grow.  Since I am motivated by helping people, and life is too short, the decision was made.

Seo San Antonio Inc. Is Your Affordable Local Internet Marketing Provider

With that being said some major internal and external changes have been made with Bert McClure, LLC.  I have brought on some additional experience to help with research and development and marketing implementation.


  • This means, faster results regarding their website coming up in the searches
  • Staying on top of the most cutting edge marketing techniques to get your phone ringing with interested customers/clients
  • Higher quality website creation
  • 30%-50% lower marketing costs for the client compared to other SEO Marketing Companies
  • Ability to personally speak with myself or staff at anytime
  • Higher quality monthly progress reports & personal monthly consulting

Here is a video summary of Seo San Antonio Inc. & what that means to the small business owner:

*Click Here For Seo San Antonio Inc.  Video Summary*

To get your FREE website and marketing analysis you can go right to www.seosanantonioinc.com and request it from our "quotations" tab, or give a call at 210.857.7271.  BUT don't forget, the website officially is open to the public at 12pm cst today.

To your success,

Bert McClure ~ Founder
Skip Kinzel ~ Partner


Videographer San Antonio Creates Professional HD Videos Way Under Budget

1.  Are you wanting a catchy, "eye opening" video that promotes your products and services, but don't have a Hollywood budget for it?

2.  Would you like a professional custom video created and put on your personal or business website?

3.  Want that special family event captured  forever so you can relive it over and over?

Videographer San Antonio ~ If you have a small to moderate budget and are needing the services of a local videographer in San Antonio, I will work hand in hand and make your ideas become an affordable reality. Standard and high definition video with professional editing will make the most simple video footage come to life with the "wow factor".

Listen to one of my most recent clients explain his overall experience using my videography services San Antonio.

I think the real value in working with a local videographer comes with the personalization of working together hand in hand.  All a client needs to do is tell me what we are filming and what is very important to them and I can translate that into the proper shots, order, and overall flow that seems to display the true feeling of the event.

Since I am coming in way under the cost of your bigger videography companies in San Antonio, give me a try for one of your projects so you can experience the process and the quality of the finished product and judge for yourself.  I do offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the final product.

Give me a call at 210.857.7271,  Shoot me an email at bert@bertmcclure.com and/or video skype me at bert.mcclure as to discuss your ideas!


Turning ideas into reality,


Bert McClure

Videographer San Antonio

Established San Antonio Business Owner Endorses Local Internet Marketing Consultant’s Services

Are you a local small business owner that is needing to grow and find more customers to sell your products and services?  If so, you have probably heard of internet marketing and how it is the future, but maybe you think it is too expensive or just too confusing to understand.

Things are certainly changing and in fact many people are no longer using the Yellow Pages to find the business and services that they are looking for. In fact, Nielsen reports that only 22% of consumers are still using the Yellow Pages at all. More and more consumers are giving up their land line phones for cell phones, so many no longer receive the Yellow Pages at all. Yet most small businesses are still spending the majority of their advertising budget on Yellow Page advertising. So not only is it extremely expensive, but it’s becoming less effective all of the time. I know that you are spending great deal each month for your Yellow Page or newspaper ads. The question is, are you getting your monies worth?

Listen to long time local business owner Ernie Arredondo, PE explain the value of working with local internet marketing consultant, Bert McClure.


Consumers are now going to the internet to search for information and find the businesses that they are looking for. If they want to find anything at all, they go to their computer (or cell phone now), and just Google it. Yet 82% of businesses have no internet presence at all, and of those that do, most do not show up on the first several pages when someone searches for their products or services. It’s like having a box of beautiful business cards that you never hand out to anyone.

I can help you to find targeted customers who are looking for you and ready to do business, while also helping you eliminate a huge chunk of that monthly advertising expense. This will put more money in your pocket in more ways than one.

To your success,

Bert McClure
Phone – 210.857.7271

Optimize Google Local Business Center For Local Internet Marketing

Local Marketing

Have you ever thought about being the local business authority for your product or service in your local market? 

If your wanting to really capture a market that is searching for your products & services try going after the local market in your area. 

No, I’m not talking about putting an add in the local newspaper or Yellow Pages.  I’m talking about how to optimize Google Local Business Center to capture some of local searches for your product or service.  Google Local Business Center is a FREE application provided by Google to allows a business to be listed  online just like the Yellow Pages. 

Actually, on April 20 2010, Google Local Business Center became Google Places. 

Why? Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world, and Google wants to better connect Place Pages — the way that businesses are being found today — with the tool that enables business owners to manage their presence on Google. 

Four million businesses have already claimed their Place Page on Google through the Local Business Center, which enables them to verify and supplement their business information to include hours of operation, photos, videos, coupons, product offerings and more. It also lets them communicate with customers and get insights that help them make smart business decisions. 

So why is local internet marketing important?

1.  Local searches comprise 82% of all online searches! 

2.  61% of the 82% doing local searches are BUYERS! 

3.  ROI increases as you target the local market 

4.  Local advertising is “extremely targetable” 

5.  Easier to become the local authority verses a national authority 

6.  Your reputation becomes known easier in your local market 

There are a few tips on how to optimize Google Local Business Center(now Google Places).

1.  Do keyword research – use local filters

 2.  Put Keyword in title next to or part of the company name.
ex. Bert McClure, LLC ~ San Antonio Home Business

3.  Get reviews done on your business to improve search results

 4.  Send your visitors to an optimized capture page or blog page with an opt in form 

 5.  Put some pics & videos on your page 

Let me explain these tips in detail by viewing a live webinar I held during my last Master Mind Marketing Webinar. 


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