Seo San Antonio Inc. Launches New Website at 12pm cst Today October 27, 2011

Seo San Antonio Inc. Is Launching It's Comprehensive Local Internet Marketing Website At Noon Today October 27, 2011 –

Hello my friends.  I know it has been a while since I have made any announcements, but there is a good reason:)

I'm sure some of you have had visions planted in your head about how your life is going to unfold.  But as the vision unfolds, you find yourself going in a direction you had not really predicted.  This can be a GREAT THING and that is what has happened to me from a business perspective.

As some of you know, I have "dabbled" in the local internet marketing industry and have some of my current clients right here at www.Bert .  Things have really taken off and I had to make a decision to either make this a mediocre income producing business that I work when I feel like OR am I going to take things to a higher level and build a multi-million dollar company that helps small businesses thrive and grow.  Since I am motivated by helping people, and life is too short, the decision was made.

Seo San Antonio Inc. Is Your Affordable Local Internet Marketing Provider

With that being said some major internal and external changes have been made with Bert McClure, LLC.  I have brought on some additional experience to help with research and development and marketing implementation.


  • This means, faster results regarding their website coming up in the searches
  • Staying on top of the most cutting edge marketing techniques to get your phone ringing with interested customers/clients
  • Higher quality website creation
  • 30%-50% lower marketing costs for the client compared to other SEO Marketing Companies
  • Ability to personally speak with myself or staff at anytime
  • Higher quality monthly progress reports & personal monthly consulting

Here is a video summary of Seo San Antonio Inc. & what that means to the small business owner:

*Click Here For Seo San Antonio Inc.  Video Summary*

To get your FREE website and marketing analysis you can go right to and request it from our "quotations" tab, or give a call at 210.857.7271.  BUT don't forget, the website officially is open to the public at 12pm cst today.

To your success,

Bert McClure ~ Founder
Skip Kinzel ~ Partner