Facebook Marketing – Why You Should Use The “Like” & “Comment” Buttons

Are you on Facebook for business reasons or just social fun?

If your answer was primarily for business, then keep reading.

As of today, Facebook is the second most trafficked  website on the planet
next to Google.  If you are a marketer, and that doesn’t get you excited, you
may need to check your pulse to make sure your alive.

With that being said, there are lots features and options on Facebook to allow
it’s users to connect, converse and share things with others.  But to really
understand this social platform and use Facebook marketing for business
purposes, you must understand the “law of reciprocity” and that it is alive
and well.  In other words if you do “this” for someone they will usually
feel obligated to “do it” back to you.

What I mean is that if you make nice compliments on someone’s picture, they
will more than likely do the same to yours.  On the same note, if you never
comment on other people’s posts, pictures, or videos, you will probably
never get comments from them.

So this leads us to two important, but often overlooked features on Facebook.
They seem so simple that most disregard them without realizing their importance.

I am referring to the “like” and “comment” buttons.  So when we have our Facebook
marketing “caps” on we need to remember that we want people reading our content
and interacting, right?  The more that people read your posts, the more likely they
will want to know more about you and then click on your links that take them to
your business/service/products.

That is the sequence, make sense?

This is really a “give & take” relationship and Facbook knows this.  That’s why you want
to spend time each and every day reading your friends posts and clicking the “like” button
if you really like what they have posted.

Don’t you like it when someone makes a nice compliment to you, whether it’s regarding
what your wearing or your new haircut?  It’s is human nature to enjoy receiving compliments
and then give them back to the same person.  There is a natural obligation to do this.
Now don’t think that clicking the “like” button on every post is the answer to
successful Facebook marketing.  It’s the same in real life, people will know when you don’t
mean it, so don’t over use them in the social media world.

The “comment” feature is similar but allows more flexibility and creativity for the user.  Now
you can add your own personal insight to someone’s content.  This can be positive, negative
or neutral, so think about what your going to say carefully before posting it.

To take it a step further, if your clever, your comments can interest other people to
click on your profile to give yourself more exposure.  This is an overlooked technique.
So be interesting, helpful and enlightening and this will attract others to your profile.

Watch As I Put This Strategy Into Motion

Click Here For The Full Screen “Facebook Marketing” Tutorial

When both the “like” & “comment” features are used day in and day out in your Facebook
marketing they will create relationships with others and kind of a “buzz” of attraction.
You will look like someone people should follow and learn more about.  This ultimately
leads to more exposure, traffic and profits.

Happy Facebook marketing!

Bert McClure

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I’m Confused, Which Internet Marketing Strategy Should I Start With?

I know I asked myself this question a lot when I started my online business 3 years ago.

As a matter of fact, I asked myself this question so much that I couldn’t decide on which strategy was best. What I soon learned is that every online strategy works and they are all “the best”. Once you realize this, then you have to look at your individual situation to determine how your time should be spent marketing.

Ask yourself this question: Do you have more time or more money?

If you answered “more time”, then it would be wise to focus on some free marketing strategies because they take more of your “sweat equity” to implement and less out of your wallet. These methods are favorites to business builders that like to get their hands dirty and really go to work.

Here are some examples of internet marketing that takes “more time” and nearly zero monetary cost:

-Twitter Marketing
-Video Marketing
-Facebook Marketing
-Articles & Press Releases
-Search Engine Optimization
-Free Classifieds

If you answered “more money”, then your options require less of your time, but more out of your advertising budget.

Examples of paid-for advertising that take less time to implement but more out of your wallet are as follows:

-Pay Per Click(minimum $500/mo)
-Banner Advertising(minimum $200-$300/mo)
-List Building (around $20/mo)
-Solo/Ezine Advertising($-varies)

These methods are favorites for entrepreneurs that don’t like to deal with time consuming details and want immediate results.

Don’t forget to remember that if your Return On Investment(ROI) is good then is doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising. If I made $3 every time I spent $1 then I would try to spend as many $1 as I could.

When I started my online marketing 3 years ago, I had more money than time. So I threw my credit card at everything and outsourced my Pay Per Click campaigns. I sure got a lot of leads fast and made some sales. But the downside was that I didn’t learn anything about marketing. If I was starting over, I would do a combination of both so I could be educating myself at the same time.

So always remember that all these marketing strategies work. All of them are “the best” if you work them consistently over time and become a master of 1 or 2 before adding another.

So if this clears things up and your ready to take action, then login into my Competition Crushing Marketing Newsletter right here and get all the training you need to start implementing these strategies today!

Here is the “Video Summary” for this post if you are more of a visual listener:

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Bert McClure

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Facebook & Twitter Marketing – How Does It Work?

So if your short on cash and need leads for your online business, where do you turn?
Why social media, of course….

O.k., but your new to all this lead generation stuff and have a finite amount of time to spare so which platform should you focus on, Facebook or Twitter?

My answer would be both.

~Here is what you do~

Use Twitter to create a strong presence of yourself by posting valuable content relating to your niche and building your “following” of other Tweeters who are in your target market. The key is consistency and quality of your content and your interactions with others.

Once you build some type of connection with your fellow Tweeters, then link each other to your Facebook profiles and other website to build a more personal relationship. Always provide some type of value and solutions to people’s problems in your content.

Now this is only the “tip of the iceberg” on what you should know. To get the rest of theses vital tips to maximize your efforts, log into my “marketing newsletter” in the box above by putting in your name and email address right now.

Now this is only the “tip of the iceberg” on what you should know. To get the rest of theses vital tips to maximize your efforts, log into my “marketing newsletter” in the box above by putting in your name and email address right now.

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Bert McClure

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