10 “Internet Marketing Plan” Tips To Create A Back Linking Frenzy!


The most effective F*R*E*E, internet marketing plan to turn an unknown website into
a “popular” website, is to create a back linking frenzy.

I mean get as many links pointing to your website/blog as possible!  Now there is a
method to this madness.  You see Google has a very complicated algorithm that bases a
site’s popularity by the number of links pointing back to it.  So if you can get LOTS of links
pointing back to your website/blog then Google will rank a website at or near the top of
the searches.

So here are my 10 internet marketing plan TIPS to getting your website
ranking above and beyond your competitors:

1. Write 1-2 articles a week, distribute to 200-300 article directories or
more with your researched keywords in the bio & title. These articles
will provide one way links back to your original article which should be
on your blog.  Now in order to do this efficiently, you may want to consider
using an article submission program, or it will take weeks to submit that many

2. Post to directories and make sure you research the keywords, and
put those keywords in the title.

3. Post to forums and in your signature have links with your
keywords hyperlinking back to your original blog post.

4. Post to blogs, this is good for promotional marketing

5. Write unique content and only place it on your site with your
researched keywords in the body of the content pointing to other
relevant unique content on your site only.

6. Write press releases, I do this every so often, but it does work &
is a legit for your internet marketing plan.

7. Create Videos and submit them to video sites. Some will allow
links others will not, but it is a good way of promotional marketing of
your site. Traffic Geyser.com is a great service to get your video submitted
to hundreds of sites with the click of the mouse.  This will save you
weeks of time.

8. Use squidoo.com and create a lens

9. Use Hubpages.com to create a Hub

10. Repeat these steps every week and watch the magic happen.

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